March 23, 2020 Update to our patients:

Our current office status: ALL dental appointments are cancelled until further notice.
All PDC attendee staff are currently healthy.

We have received many calls and questions about upcoming dental appointments from our patients. Our software is not designed to cope with a mass cancellation of appointments at this point, and the software company is struggling to send out mass emails.

Please ignore all email confirmations from this point forward for ALL upcoming appointments.

We will contact each patient directly to reschedule when we are able.
Please check our website and social media sites regularly for updates.

Given the rapidly evolving COVID-19, with an unknown future and a social responsibility to try to contain the COVID-19. I have chosen, under the strong recommendation of our BC Dental College: to cease all elective and non-essential treatment.
In the case of Essential and Emergent treatment: uncontrolled bleeding, infection or trauma I will be able to be reached by phone (778)580-6051- for pre-treatment risk assessment before any treatment can commence. I will be able to triage, mitigate, or direct patients to a venue where treatment can happen.
Our office does not have the currently required PPE (personal protective equipment) which is now required to protect myself and staff.


We ask our patients to also consult the public provincial and territory health authorities website regarding communications and updates.

I am always available by phone, text, or email if you need to contact me personally if you have questions or concerns about your immediate dental health. I am able to Face-Time or assess intra-oral photos if you wish to send me a picture of something you are concerned about. I am here if you need me.

Please be socially responsible and self-isolate as much as possible!
Now is the time to protect our families and community.


Dr. Erin J. Shave, BSc, DMD
Dr. Erin J. Shave Inc.
Phone: 604-986-3358
Cell: 778-580-6051

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